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Cougar Assault Team
The Team

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Dragon Valley 23rd Of December. Christmas Special!!!!!!.Was a great day everyone was in the festive mood and the day wasnt serious until about the 4th game where all the silly gear came off and became serious again.
Dragon Valley 15th of July. The team agreed that this was the best skirmish so far there was a certain person wearing oakley's that didnt seem to take hits off anyone but he soon took the hits after people just decided to hose him. Our friends star 249 broke and my aug decided to have a trigger jam but should be ready for the next event.
Dragon Valley 1st of July. Great day games were a bit wierd but thats what made them fun making the burger that was a classic game. No problems with any guns so all good on the gun front.
Spectre Woodland 29th of Apr. Brilliant Johnson kindly lent me his m16 as my m4s being fixed x ( loads of kills between us Sadly johnsons m249 took a fly kick to the front sights and then at the end of the day the stock fell off gutting.
Dragon Valley 25th of Feb. Was a good day apart from the knobyness lots of people not taking hits could ruin your day!!! no problems with the guns so its all good

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